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EarlyBird's Powered by SmartTrack intelligent searches uncover activist investment activity, short selling, takeover rumours and more.
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Why financial professionals need Twitter…

EarlyBird is Twitter for financial professionals

Built for trading and research desks

1. Sift the nuggets from the noise

Manage the flow of fast-moving Tweets on Twitter to see only the most relevant, most credible Tweets for your trading interests, clients or assets.

2. Curation you control

Adjust Tweet filtering to the level you want with EarlyBird’s curation slider. Turn curation up to only see those Tweets with real market relevance, or off completely to receive full, unfiltered Twitter!

3. Manage your timeline

Take control of Twitter. Organise the Twitter accounts and news sources you follow into folders. Save Tweets for later reading, or share them with colleagues.

4. Minimal space on trading screens

The EarlyBird interface requires minimal screen real-estate. You can even run it entirely out of view, allowing only alerts to pop up on your screen.

Use EarlyBird to…

Compliance and IT teams also love EarlyBird

Fully compliant, fully safe

Anonymous, read-only and fully monitored, EarlyBird is regulatory compliant Twitter for financial professionals.


IT friendly, easy to install

Requiring no installation or changes to existing servers or firewalls, EarlyBird is as simple to set up as it is to use.


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