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Our directors have been engineering ground-breaking software solutions and services for UK and international businesses for over 25 years.

EarlyBird was founded by Danny Watkins, a chartered IT professional and former senior technologist at a multi-national investment bank. Danny’s extensive experience in the industry led to him recognising the need for an FCA-compliant, read-only Twitter feed that would change the way traders use social media forever.

The software was built independently of the bank, supplied under licence and piloted on multiple trade floors for several years before its full commercial launch in 2015. Fully licensed and approved by Twitter, EarlyBird is gaining traction among the world’s leading financial services companies.

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Danny Watkins CITP


A Chartered IT Professional accredited by the British Computer Society, Danny has a track record of building software companies based around innovative solutions. In the late 90's Danny's company grew rapidly and was later acquired by RTS Networks PLC where Danny became UK CIO.

In 2006 Danny became head of technology for a structured investment vehicle just in time for the financial crisis to kick in. It was at this time that Danny recognised the growing potential for Twitter in Financial Services. Danny is also a specialist in financial software for compliance, capital mitigation and complex credit derivatives.


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