Tested and approved by Compliance Teams

EarlyBird was designed to overcome the regulatory risks of Twitter, while also providing a set of features to enable financial professionals to harness Twitter more productively.

Developed and piloted inside a major investment bank, in close collaboration with compliance, IT and security teams, EarlyBird not only meets all FCA/CFTC/FDIC/SEC compliance obligations, it also equips compliance teams with the tools to easily regulate Twitter usage within their organisation.

EarlyBird is currently used on the trading and research floors of some of the world’s largest banks, investment houses and hedge funds.

EarlyBird removes any temptation for your traders to access Twitter under their desks on their mobile phones.

EarlyBird has now been tested and approved by many of the top 20 global investment banks' Compliance Teams.


You can’t Tweet out, nor can you send or receive direct messages – this removes all risk of market manipulation, front running and collusion.

Fully compliant

EarlyBird meets all FCA/CFTC/FDIC/SEC compliance requirements – banish unregulated, non-compliant Twitter from your trading floor.

Fully monitored

Each Tweet received by each user is time-stamped and recorded for Compliance to review – this can provide crucial evidence of information being in the public domain if a trade is investigated.

Secure sharing

Tweets and news sources can be shared safely between colleagues within Chinese Wall boundaries, with a full audit trail. Sharing by email is also fully recorded for compliance audit.

Guard your activity

EarlyBird users do not require Twitter accounts and their activity is not visible to external users – only you see who your traders are following and what assets they are tracking.

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