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EarlyBird guide for Traders and Analysts

Twitter is changing the way news outlets and financial commentators send out notifications, and is becoming an essential tool for finance professionals. But the risks are more subtle than you might imagine. Learn how EarlyBird eradicates the confidentiality leakage risks while enhancing the value of Twitter through unique features designed for and honed on the trade floor.

EarlyBird Guide for Compliance Professionals

The risks of Twitter on the trade floor may be more subtle than you think. Preventing Tweeting and Direct Messaging is obvious, but have you considered the dangers of confidentiality leakage simply through following an account? Learn how EarlyBird solves these issues and more, while bringing a powerful financial news feed to traders and analysts.

EarlyBird Guide for IT Professionals

EarlyBird is a fully cloud-based solution with a lightweight or even browser-based client. Learn how EarlyBird can be deployed to your trade floor in minutes, with no firewall or infrastructure changes. Includes architectural diagrams and technical analysis of solution types.