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EarlyBird allows you to follow Twitter, but it prevents you from Tweeting. The regulators don't want traders Tweeting, that's why Twitter is normally banned. We solve all those problems so you can use Twitter professionally on the trade floor without the risks. And we give you lots of valuable features like curation, content analysis, powerful company searches, desktop alerts for priority or "hot" tweets.
No, you can follow anyone you like, or any search term, just like on Twitter. We provide a "suggested list" purely to give recommendations on who you might want to follow in a given market sector, but you are not restricted to this list.
Our SmartTrack searches combine keyword searches for the company names ("apple", "apple inc, etc"), tickers ("$AAPL"), C-level execs (@timcook etc) and more, and apply custom and dynamic anti spam. You can then just click on Apple to see all relevant Tweets, either in time or relevance order.
We use a number of factors for example the reputation of the person sending the Tweet, who's retweeting, how fast are retweets occurring relative to the norm for that sender, and the form, content and style of the Tweet. Our system learns what makes a Tweet important to finance users, and can present the Tweets so the best ones from today come first. Or you can ignore this and see them all, with customisable spam filtering.
Just type their name in the search box and we'll search across Twitter for likely accounts. If you know their handle use the @accountname and we'll take you straight there. Or use our suggested list to find the most respected accounts for your market, sector, region etc.
Type a keyword from the Tweet in the search box and select "Filter this list". It will pull in matching Tweets from your follow list from the last 30 days.
Drill down on the accounts you want to check (eg click on a folder or specific account on the left) and type the company name or ticker in the search box. Select "Filter these Tweets" and you'll get matching Tweets from the last 30 days.
When you start following someone, if we are already tracking that account we'll instantly give you their last 30 days Tweets. If you're first to follow this person, we'll pull in the last hundred or so Tweets. If you want to go further back, just click on their name and do a quick search, then you can scroll back through their Tweets as far as you like.
Yes. Click on the user name to run a quick search, then click "Following" to see who that @TwitterAccount follows. Remember, although you can see who any Twitter user follows, nobody (except Compliance) can see who you follow. This is critical to prevent your activity being tracked by competitors.


Yes, you should maintain your existing firewall to prevent users accessing Twitter directly. EarlyBird users do not require any direct access to Twitter.
Yes. EarlyBird is used on some of the largest tradefloors in the world, fully locked down. We have never required any IT group to make any changes to their network, firewalls or desktop configuration, and users do not require admin rights.
Currently we use Silverlight, running either in the browser or as an out of browser app (in which case we can provide desktop popups for high priority Tweets). We also have an HTML5 version and mobile versions due for release in June 2016.
It's a cloud service running on Microsoft Azure, which utilises a fully licenced commercial data feed from Twitter. Each user has client application which communicates only with our cloud service, ie no communication with Twitter. When the user "follows" Twitter account on the app, we start tracking that twitter account on our data feed (if we aren't already). As Tweets are received on the feed they are stored in our database and distributed to each of our users that have chosen to follow that account.
In order to provide a service like ours we licence the data from Twitter with distribution rights, so we are able to store the content and distribute it to users. Twitter obviously charge us for the right to do this, because they get no advertising revenue (yes, we remove ads) and no share-price benefit from monthly active users. When comparing our system with others, ensure they are fully licensed for distribution as we are. It is the largest single cost of providing the service.
Neither the Twitter website nor TweetDeck were designed for financial services, and traders quickly give up trying to get useful information out of them. We have built extensive search, anti-spam, lexical content analysis, engagement analysis, priority popups, Hot-Tweet engagement alerts, email digests, combination (SmartTrack) searches, and relevance scoring capabilities, including machine learning that steadily improves the relevance ordering. We've been doing this since 2012 with active feedback from hundreds and now thousands of traders and analysts. To build your own you would need to do all this, then still pay for a commercial Twitter feed.
We charge a very simple and modest per-user-per-year fee for smaller installations, or can provide capped enterprise arrangements at a significant reduction in per-user cost.
Please get in touch with us to discuss pricing for your specific use case.


No. Users are unable to Tweet, retweet or mark "favourites". In fact there is absolutely no outgoing communication.
No. EarlyBird users do not have a Twitter account, just an account with EarlyBird. We then aggregate these together and retrieve Tweets from our commercial data feed. This is important to ensure that nobody outside your organisation can see who your users are following.
EarlyBird does not enable any outgoing communications (tweets/retweets/favourites), and all incoming Tweets are recorded along with the exact time the Tweet was first presented to the user. Direct-Messages are not enabled in either direction. We have a document covering this in detail.

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