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Yes, you can follow any Twitter account with no restrictions. However, if you’re unsure who to follow, EarlyBird helps with this too. Whether you’re trading in Commodities, Equities, Rates or FX, our Who’s Who page gives you access to thousands of financially relevant Twitter accounts for every asset class.
Who’s Who is our online library of financially relevant Twitter accounts, linked directly to EarlyBird. Accessible from within the app, using Who’s Who you can search for and follow Twitter accounts, EarlyBird SmartTracks and EarlyBird Collections, which is done by dragging and dropping them into folders you create. Any changes you make are then automatically updated on your dashboard.
As well as individual Twitter accounts, you can also take advantage of our SmartTrack-powered Twitter searches for companies, topics and currencies – these cast a wide net across Twitter to only bring you financially relevant Tweets for the things you’re interested in, often finding important, actionable Tweets other Twitter clients miss. You can also set the level of filtering for each one. We also offer EarlyBird Collections – lists of Twitter accounts grouped by topic (such as UK politicians or UK financial media) that you can follow in a single click, allowing you to grow your news sources in seconds.
The Bloomberg Twitter feed is heavily curated so you can’t choose which accounts to follow, and if you follow a company you only see Tweets from "Bloomberg approved" accounts, which largely just echo the rest of their news feed. In contrast EarlyBird gives you full access to Twitter - you can follow anyone, so you decide what is newsworthy and what isn't. Then we layer tools like SmartTracks on top - nothing Bloomberg has comes near them for uncovering what's driving unexpected price changes. Roughly half our users also have Bloomberg terminals, but they use EarlyBird for Twitter.

News aggregators take selected Twitter accounts and include them with the rest of the news on major equities or commodities. Most often these accounts simply echo the other news sources, they're not giving you the rich insight offered by a wider range of Twitter users that you control. EarlyBird users typically follow a number of Twitter accounts that they trust, together with SmartTracks to bring in further financially relevant Tweets from other Twitter sources you wouldn't have thought of.

In a recent side-by-side test over a 20 minute period, we found a major news aggregator ignored more than 30 Tweets on a particular stock, several of them with market moving content, which EarlyBird included. With EarlyBird you can adjust the curation so you get rid of the noise most of the time, then open the filters up when you want to delve in further, say to investigate a price move the aggregators can't explain.

EarlyBird allows you to follow Twitter, but it prevents you from Tweeting. The regulators don't want traders Tweeting, that's why Twitter is normally banned. We solve all those problems so you can use Twitter professionally on the trade floor without the risks. And we give you lots of valuable features like curation, content analysis, powerful company searches, desktop alerts for priority or "hot" tweets. It makes EarlyBird easily the most comprehensive and capable financial Twitter tool on the market.


Your administrator needs to enable it for you. Symphony have recently implemented full authentication which means they need your company's authority to share your email address for compliance. Once they've done that, you can access the free or premium version of EarlyBird from the market.
Premium gives you all the features of EarlyBird plus desktop alerts and mobile use. Free is for trying it out, or occasional use. You're restricted to following a handful of Twitter accounts and searches are strictly limited. Both let you share Tweets into Symphony Chat, or view full details of a Tweet that has been shared via the Chat. If all you want to do is to be able view a Tweet that a colleague has shared, Free will be fine. If you want to use it professionally, you need Premium. Both are recorded for full MiFID II compliance.


Yes, you should maintain your existing firewall to prevent users accessing Twitter directly. EarlyBird users do not require any direct access to Twitter.

Yes. EarlyBird is used on some of the largest tradefloors in the world, fully locked down. We have never required any IT group to make any changes to their network, firewalls or desktop configuration, and users do not require admin rights to run the main web client.

Premium users get access to The Warbler - a tasktray app that gives you Tweet popups on your choice of screen or location, with your chosen filtering. This needs admin rights to install, but again no changes to network or firewalls etc.

The main EarlyBird client is a web based HTML5 application that runs in any browser. In addition there is an optional popup manager that is a .Net task tray installation, and an option to run EarlyBird within Symphony or the OpenFin secure wrapper. More info in the IT section under the help menu.
It's a cloud service running on Microsoft Azure, which utilises a fully licenced commercial data feed from Twitter. Each user has client application which communicates only with our cloud service, ie no communication with Twitter. When the user "follows" Twitter account on the app, we start tracking that twitter account on our data feed (if we aren't already). As Tweets are received on the feed they are stored in our database and distributed to each of our users that have chosen to follow that account.
We can charge on a per-user-per-year or enterprise licence basis.
Please get in touch with us to discuss pricing for your specific use case.

OpenFin is an independent application used by many major banks and funds to wrap HTML5 apps in a desktop window. 

We have a guide to assist with the installation of OpenFin if you're not already using it.


No. Users are unable to Tweet, retweet or mark "favourites". In fact there is absolutely no outgoing communication.

No. EarlyBird users do not have a Twitter account, just an account with EarlyBird. We retrieve Tweets from our commercial data feed and distribute them to our users. This is critical to ensure that nobody outside your organisation can see who your users are following, and users cannot follow "closed user groups" on Twitter that could be used for undetectable collusion or front running.
EarlyBird does not enable any outgoing communications (tweets/retweets/favourites), and all incoming Tweets are recorded along with the exact time the Tweet was first presented to the user. Direct-Messages are not enabled in either direction. We have a document covering this in detail in the Compliance section.

You are opening your company up to major risk of collusion and other market abuse. Recent FX and LIBOR fixing scandals used other forms of chat rooms. Twitter is the perfect candidate for this type of activity, because Tweets can be deleted.

Even if your traders behave impeccably, as we all expect they will, their use of Twitter will leave a trail that will reveal your trading strategy. Using protected Twitter accounts is worse, and opens up further risks. In addition to all these risks, your users are getting a fraction of the value Twitter provides, because the standard Twitter clients are not designed for finance. Our bread and butter at EarlyBird is providing fully safe, compliant Twitter access with a tool that surpasses anything else on the market for getting value from Twitter.

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