EarlyBird gives finance professionals the full Twitter experience
on desktop or mobile.
But with no outbound Tweeting.

Then we give financial services professionals a nest full of unique features so they actually see the Tweets that matter.

You're in Control

EarlyBird puts you in control. Decide who and what to follow including individual accounts, $CashTags, rich keyword-searches or SmartTrack company searches. Develop your sources by observing who follows who, who gets retweeted and who the influential players are. You're not limited in any way, follow anyone or anything.

Breaking News vs Rich Analysis

Twitter is famous for breaking news but also carries links to rich professional analysis. Use our mobile app to stay in the loop on emerging stories so you're best placed to act when news breaks. You define what’s time-critical. Tweets that match your criteria will pop up on the desktop like an Outlook alert and be held in a priority list for you to review.

Curated Company Tweets

Follow company news with one click. Our SmartTracks combine keyword, cashtag and account searches to cast the widest net from cashtags, company names and brands, even indiscreet C-Level execs. We then apply reputation, content and engagement analysis to provide a curated Tweet-feed of the most relevant news. Read more about our really smart SmartTracks

New to Twitter?

We’ll help you get started with a suggested list of more than 2,500 relevant accounts, categorised by financial sector, market, region and more. Click Quick-Follow to set up the perfect mix for your speciality then develop your sources further to gain a competitive advantage.


Hot Tweets

We monitor Twitter constantly for high activity on keywords, together with retweets and favourites for the Tweets you're receiving. We can spot a Tweet that's about to go viral and highlight it or raise a desktop popup. You'll see the breaking stories within seconds. Then you can blast it to your team with one click.

Compliance and IT Approved

EarlyBird eliminates the risks of using Twitter, whether from the trade floor or your mobile / cell-phone, so compliance teams worldwide are saying yes to EarlyBird. No Tweeting and no Twitter account ensure confidentiality. And with no installation or firewall changes and simple, economical licensing, your technology team will have no difficulty approving EarlyBird.

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