SmartTracks explained

Covering companies, elections, currency pairs, activist investors and more, EarlyBird SmartTracks analyse Tweet text and sender reputation and score them by financial relevance to bring you the Tweets others miss. They’re what elevates EarlyBird above other Twitter clients.

Following SmartTracks using Who's Who 

Our Who’s Who page contains a full list of EarlyBird SmartTracks and lets you add them to your dashboard instantly. To access Who’s Who, click the ‘Who’s Who Lists’ button in the bottom-left corner of your EarlyBird dashboard. More information about Who's Who can be found in our Who's Who Guide.

Following SmartTracks in EarlyBird 

In addition to Who's Who, you can also carry out SmartTrack searches in EarlyBird, using the keyword search box in the top-right corner of the dashboard. Type whatever it is you’re looking for into the box, and EarlyBird will show you if there's a SmartTrack for it. If there is, click on it to add it to your dashboard. If you can’t find a SmartTrack for something you’re looking for, don’t worry - get in touch with us and we’ll create it for you. 

Accesing SmartTracks in EarlyBird 

Assuming you have some EarlyBird SmartTracks already in your EarlyBird dashboard, here’s how to access them and use the SmartTrack Slider. 

SmartTrack Slider 

Our SmartTrack Slider allows you to set the level of filtering for every one of our SmartTracks. Dial it up to 5 to ensure you only see Tweets with a high level of financial relevance, or turn curation off completely to ensure you get a full Twitter picture and are seeing everything relating to that equity or topic. This way you can decide what’s relevant and what’s not. 

SmartTrack Tips  

Normally, you’ll want to have the SmartTrack filter up high, but when a price moves, pulling it back will give you a wider range of news and opinion. 

There may also be times when a Twitter user doesn’t score highly on our filter but you value their opinion. In these instances, click their name and follow them directly to ensure you see their Tweets. 

Like some further help?

We’re always on hand to offer one-to-one assistance with any aspect of EarlyBird. If you have any questions or need some help, contact or call +44 20 7100 4489.

Posted on 4/4/2017 11:19:13 AMEarlyBird News