How to get a PIN for the Warbler

Why do I need a PIN?

The Warbler task tray used to accept your email and password to login. The password was stored in encrypted form, and presented each time you ran the Warbler.

The trouble was if you changed your password for the main app but not the Warbler, you'd get locked out.

So we now use a PIN that's generated by the main app and entered just once into the Warbler. Once that's done, you can change your password without having to touch the Warbler.

Where do I get a PIN?

Run the main EarlyBird app and log in as usual.

Click the Settings Cog, and choose Popups. Then click Generate PIN.

You can also get there by clicking "Warbler Inactive" at the bottom.

Now type your email and PIN into the Warbler, and it will log you on.

Why should I use the Warbler?

  • Choose what screen to have Tweet popups
  • Choose which Tweets to show as popups, and how long for each type of Tweet
  • Get popups for the most important Tweets even if EarlyBird isn't running
  • Click a Tweet to launch EarlyBird and show the full Tweet
  • Easily pause Tweets for the rest of the day when they are getting on your nerves

Anything else I should know?

There's a limited time to use your PIN once it's been generated, around 15 minutes.

The PIN can only be used once, but you can regenerate another PIN whenever you need one.

You can install the Warbler on several machines, but you'll need to generate a new PIN for each one. Please don't share your account with anyone else.

Once the PIN is verified, a secure token is stored on your machine. This is checked each time the Warbler is run, to confirm that the owner of the machine (you) is licensed. The token is highly secure, and cannot be transferred to another machine or user.

You do not have to regenerate a PIN when you change your password.




Posted on 11/19/2017 2:17:37 PMEarlyBird News