Using Who’s Who

Use our Who’s Who page to manage what appears on your Twitter timeline, find financially relevant Twitter users, and search our intelligent SmartTracks for companies, elections, currency pairs, activist investors and more. 

Who’s Who Content 

How to access Who’s Who 

Who’s Who can be accessed in EarlyBird using the button below. 

How to search Who’s Who 

Under ‘Choose Sector’, select the folder you wish to view, and then the tag – in the example below we’ve selected Markets and then chosen FX.  

All our suggested Twitter accounts, EarlyBird Collections and SmartTracks for FX will appear in the right-hand column. 

Select a Twitter account (the blue tiles), and the ‘Tweet Previews’ column on the far right will populate with recent Tweets from that account. 

You can also carry out keyword and username searches on Who’s Who and Twitter using the search box below. 

Adding Who’s Who Content to your EarlyBird Dashboard

To add a Twitter account, EarlyBird Collection or SmartTrack to your EarlyBird account, simply drag and drop the tiles into one of your folders in ‘My Folders’.  

To create a new folder, click the ‘Create new folder’ button in the bottom of the left-hand column.   

To quickly change the folder a Twitter account or EarlyBird SmartTrack appears in, use the folder selector button within the tile. 

Like some further help?

We’re always on hand to offer one-to-one assistance with any aspect of EarlyBird. If you have any questions or need some help, contact or call +44 20 7100 4489

To read the release notes for this update, click the link below:  

Who's Who Release Notes

Posted on 7/10/2017 2:16:45 PMEarlyBird News