Zero Installation, No Network Changes

EarlyBird’s CEO and creator, Danny Watkins has a background in banking IT. Formerly a Data Security and Technology Leader in a global investment bank, Danny recognised that while there was a need for financial professionals to have access to Twitter, many firms blocked the social network on their trading floors because it could be used for market abuse.

Danny set about creating a read-only version of Twitter optimised for trading and research desks. After developing and piloting his idea inside a major investment bank, in close collaboration with compliance, IT and security teams, EarlyBird was born. It is now used by some of the world’s largest banks, investment houses and hedge funds.

Understanding first-hand the headaches that can arise for IT departments whenever new software is introduced into organisations, Danny has made adoption of EarlyBird as simple and as straightforward as possible.

EarlyBird is easy to setup and run

Fully cloud-based

EarlyBird runs from a lightweight desktop, mobile or browser client. Run EarlyBird on any device and in any web browser.

Zero installation

EarlyBird requires no software installation or changes to existing firewall or server settings. You can have it running in minutes.

IT Portal

An integrated IT management dashboard lets you easily manage users, review usage, audit Tweets, and make quick admin changes.

Hassle-free updates

Updates and new features get automatically added to dashboards - you won't need to keep on top of EarlyBird, it takes care of everything for you.

Enterprise Search Management

EarlyBird makes it easy for you to clone user accounts and push Twitter searches out to all users for major news events.

Download the EarlyBird Guide for IT

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