International FinTech Conference 2017: Market EarlyBird

Market EarlyBird provide the EarlyBird Twitter service, which gives financial professionals access to breaking news and rich insight on the social network.

Twitter is how financial news moves today, but for many traders, access at work is blocked due to very real compliance issues. For those with access, tracking relevant financial information is difficult due to the sheer volume of fast-moving Tweets.

EarlyBird solves these challenges by blocking outgoing messages and Tweets, whilst delivering an enhanced Twitter capability that uses AI to filter Tweets by financial relevance and highlight emerging stories before they go viral – allowing traders to use Twitter in a compliant way and see opportunities before they filter down to their competitors.

Used by some of the largest investment banks and hedge funds, EarlyBird focuses on the risks and opportunities of Twitter in regulated finance firms, and is giving traders and analysts a real competitive edge.

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Posted on 4/13/2017 3:25:06 PMEarlyBird News