Quick Start Guide

Follow our simple five slide guide to get flying with EarlyBird

Run EarlyBird

In the next five slides, we’re going to walk you through the basic steps for setting up EarlyBird so you can get started. To access the platform, click the button in the header of our website. On the Run page, you will be presented with a few different options for how to launch EarlyBird:

  • EarlyBird Web/Mobile – select this option to run EarlyBird from a web browser or mobile phone (EarlyBird runs on any browser and on any device)
  • EarlyBird Warbler – we’ll come to this in a bit
  • EarlyBird Desktop – choose this option to open EarlyBird in an OpenFin window that will be installed to your desktop

Once you’ve selected which version of EarlyBird you want to run, simply input your username and password in the login window and EarlyBird will open.

Tip: The easiest way to run EarlyBird is as a website, but if you prefer to run the app in a window, choose the Desktop option.

Import from your Twitter account

If you’re active on Twitter, you probably have a list of accounts you already follow and may like to carry across to EarlyBird. If not, don’t worry – the next slide details how to get started using our suggested list of relevant Twitter accounts and company searches.

How to import your Follows:

  1. Click the cog in the bottom right corner of the EarlyBird dashboard to open the Settings menu
  2. Click the button to open the Quick Start menu
  3. In the section titled ‘Import your Follows’, enter a Twitter handle (eg @Fred) in the Search box and EarlyBird will show you a list of Twitter accounts followed by that account
  4. Select which of these accounts to import into EarlyBird

Tip: We can only view followed accounts and tweets from public Twitter accounts. Check your Twitter account privacy settings if you are unable to view your account.

Import from our suggested lists

If you’re not active on Twitter and are unsure about who or what to follow, we’ve handpicked a list of 2,500 relevant Twitter accounts – categorised by financial sector, market, region and more – to help you get started.

How to import from our suggested lists:

  1. Click the cog in the bottom-right corner of the EarlyBird dashboard to open the Settings menu
  2. Click the button to open the Quick Start menu

You are then presented with the choice of three different lists to import:

  • EarlyBird Collection – a few dozen top finance and news Twitter accounts carefully selected by us
  • Suggested Account List – a list of more collections but grouped by sector – select which accounts in these sectors you want to start following
  • Company SmartTracks – our intelligent SmartTrack company searches cast a wider net and return quality, curated Tweets – choose which SmartTracks you want to follow

Tip: You can also add additional Twitter accounts using the search box in the header (shown below).

EarlyBird lets you organise your Twitter accounts into folders for easy reference.

It also lets you prioritise accounts, and can send you really important Tweets via email.

Organise and prioritise accounts

Now you’ve added some Twitter accounts to EarlyBird, the next step is to organise them into folders and tag those accounts that are the most relevant and important to you.

Organising accounts into folders:

  1. To move a Twitter account to a folder, right-click the name of the account to bring up the options menu for that account
  2. Select the option ‘Move to Folder’, and you will be given the choice of moving that account to an existing folder or a new folder that you can name

Prioritising accounts:

Right-click the name of the Twitter account you wish to prioritise to bring up the options menu for that account. You then have the following options:

  • Mark as Priority – this places the Twitter account inside your Priority folder
  • Notify Me – select this option if you wish to be notified by email whenever this account sends a Tweet

Tip: You can filter your Twitter feed to just show you Priority and Notify Me accounts by clicking their respective tabs in the main EarlyBird dashboard.

Install Warbler

If screen real estate is an issue then we recommend installing the EarlyBird Warbler – it sends you the Tweets you most want to see, via discrete alerts that appear on your screen, even when EarlyBird is closed on your desktop.

How to install Warbler:

  1. Click the button located in the header of our website
  2. On the Run page, select the option to install the EarlyBird Warbler
  3. Follow the installation wizard to get started
  4. Once Warbler has been added to your taskbar, you can double-click the Warbler icon to launch EarlyBird, or right-click the icon to open the Warbler settings and help menu

Tip: For further information and help on how to install and use Warbler, read our Warbler Guide.